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Koniku builds smell cyborgs. We will put out small form factor smell cyborgs in 10 million homes inside this decade. We aim to securely and safely diagnose disease and maintain health and wellness in real-time. We are building a marketplace that makes every individual the CEO of their own health.

Koniku is a synthetic biotechnology company. We leverage synthetic biology merged with silicon to build devices to map all volatile organic compounds that touch human life. Our smell cyborgs are capable of autonomously and intelligently reading the air. We engineer proteins in biological neurons to create precise protein particle interactions. The biological cells function as sensors, amplifiers and biological signal processors.

Our technology combines live cells with silicon to detect smell on a planet scale. Our new, unique & proprietary data set is fed into a machine learning back end. Koniku’s fast and scalable data universe positions us to classify and create value from all smells that impact human life. Our full-stack wetware technology helped us create the Koniku Technology Integrator Ecosystem - KTIE. KTIE is a solutions developer community fostering businesses from startups to Fortune 500 companies.